Thursday, March 10, 2011

The First Addition!

My Family's Farm in Iowa.. MANY memories here!

Growing up on a farm, I was always surrounded by animals.  Some of my most cherished memories come from playing with a dog or cat just a few strides away.  My family had most of our pets outside, and by pets I am not counting the cows, horses or farm cats.  However, after the tragic loss of my outdoor puppy (who tried to play chicken with the tractor), I was able to twist Mom and Dad's arms into getting an INDOOR DOG! Macks was a loyal loving Shih Tzu puppy; he saw our family through many hard times and laid at my Mom's feet when she was sick and undergoing man years of treatment.  Unfortunately, Macks passed away about a year ago, and I have not lived at home or with pets since I left for college.  I love animals, and it is something I miss dearly about being away from the rural life I grew up with.
Kiddie Kattle Kapers @ Iowa State Fair w/Dad & Luke (my bro).
My Grandpa Thiel, Luke & Buck (dog)
Showing Hawaii @ County Fair

Enter Cujo!
Hi! I'm Cujo!
Maura met Cujo when she was browsing (just looking) at puppies one day at Pick of the Litter in Ruston with her friend, Blair.  As fate would have it.. there was Cujo! Now many of you may be laughing thinking about this Cujo.... However, this little Multi-Poo may be the cutest little 1.6lb puppy you will ever meet.  Of course, his owner may be slightly bias too. ;)
The boys (Jeff & Cujo) catching some Zzs

So far puppy training is going OK, but I definitely look forward to Cujo growing into his adult dog years (and sleeping through the night)!  I am so excited to have Cujo in our lives, and am absolutely ecstatic to have a pet and animal friend again!  In my opinion, there's just a joy that pets/animals bring to humans that cannot be described.  And while I no longer live on a farm in small town Eastern Iowa; this pooch is a much welcomed and wonderful little Cajun addition!