Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to Creative Writing & Journaling for Grownups! =)

For the last few months I have been entertaining the thought of starting a blog. I have a few friends who have blogs; some with witty insights and others with adorable pictures and updates on their I wasn't quite sure what my purpose of creating a blog would be, but (with the encouragement from a few Facebook friends) I decided I would write one anyway!  I don't know how often I will keep up with the blogging, what topics will come, or if anyone will follow; but it will be great to look back and see the various entries!
As for the name of the blog... it came down to my three four main F's. My Mom and Dad instilled the importance of Faith, Family & Friends throughout my life, and as I was growing up. Little did I know, that I would add another F to my life after meeting Jeff, my fiance.... FOOTBALL! Jeff is a D1 college football coach, and needless to say our lives are often scheduled around football (including our wedding date)! The pictures to the right explain it all the initial 3Fs will always trump, but whether it's spring ball, recruiting, summer camps or football season... it will play a huge part of as a part of my life, and as Jeff and I begin our lives together!  I first saw the football platter to the right at one of the coach's home, and LOVE it!

I can't always promise whit, humor or genius insights; but here's to the future excitement, fears of the unknown and whatever life will bring!