Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maura, meet Jeff; Jeff, meet Maura

Most of my family and friends don't believe me.  The day after signing day, February 3rd, I honestly reintroduced myself to my fiance'.  After a month of being on the road, working to recruit the next members of the Bulldog family, our time together was abundant somewhat sparse.

The month of January (and May) for any coaching family is the time when our coaches are on the road scouting out potential recruits, recruiting the potential next years' players and building/developing the relationship with the future players of our team.  For the first time that Jeff and I have been together, we have officially gone through a "normal" year.  And by normal, I mean... no moving, full recruiting year, full season in his position, etc., etc.  This has been/is a monumental year for our relationship... and while I know things will change even more after going through the married-life transition, I am pleased to announce that a year after discovering Ruston, Louisiana, I could not be happier.  We are so blessed to have a wonderful coaching staff and their families, a great community and I have learned more about being a "coach's wife" here than at any other school or book I had read.  Not to mention, the opportunity to get to know the players and their families more this year, too!
Jeff and I at the 2011 Recruiting Dinner

It has been wonderful getting to know my fiance again (aka just spending a little quality time together) after a whirlwind season and recruiting season! Congratulations to all of the LA Tech Coaches, incoming Bulldogs and team!  I'm really looking forward to this next year, but first I think I'll enjoy February! :)
Link to the 2011 Bulldog Recruiting Class 

P.S. A HUGE thank you to all the wives, girlfriends and fiancee's for being such a wonderful group of women- I'm truly grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing women.  And a special thank you to Jeff who ALWAYS made time for me with his crazy, crazy schedule!

Welcome Bulldogs!

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  1. Glad to know you decided to keep him around even after your re-introduction. ha ha just kidding. Yay for a "normal" year!